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I am pleased to share the news that a story of mine, Journal 7/5th is up at Public Republic. I wrote this story about PTSD in class with my creative writing teacher, James Baker Hall. Jim passed away a year ago this month. His encouragement and support in that class led me to the decision to become a writer. I am forever grateful for him.

Public Republic started in 2006 in Bulgarian as a forum for citizen journalism. The English version of the online magazine began in 2008 providing English speaking readers the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of topics and discussions.

Journal 7/5th
published by Public Republic

I WANT TO BE DEAD. I am not thinking about divorce or mothers crying to God as their sons are taken away or the two guys in my company who were killed driving down a thousand year old street. I am thinking about my life and all the life that surrounds me and flowers and sunshine. I want to be dead.
My apartment is within walking distance from work. That had been my only criteria when I had moved out; I needed an apartment within walking distance from work. I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, dressed, and walked to work.
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