A Murder Etude

This week I completed the first draft of a new story. I feel good about it. The story is called A Murder Etude ? and is on zoetrope now. It’s gotten one helpful and positive review. I’m going to bring the story to workshop on Monday.
Completing a story is an exhilirating feeling. It’s like giving birth to a child (not that I really know what that’s like but it feels something like I imagine giving birth might feel like). I’m proud of my story but I’m also concerned. Is my story good enough? What will happen to my story when other people read it? Will they have the same love for my story that I do?
The story was inspired by biomechanics, an acting technique developed by Vsevolod Meyerhold in Moscow in the 1930’s. Meyerhold came up with 16 etudes for his technique, each of which tells a simple story. One of them is a Stabbing Etude ? with two actors. One actor murders the other by stabbing him and then carries the body off the stage.
I saw this etude in a video from the Allen Ginsberg Library and immediately wanted to write a story with a scene such as the Stabbing Etude ?. Why would one person kill another? And then why would they carry the body off?
I had this idea in mind when I was doing some writing exercises for class. At the beginning of the semester I had written a monologue of a man in prison for murder. For my dialogue assignment I used characters I’d come up with for the story: a pimp, a prostitute, and one of her customers.
The basic plot is a twist off the traditional Boy-Meets-Girl ? scenario:
? Boy meets Girl
? Boy looses Girl
? Boy kills Girl’s pimp
? Girl turns in Boy
At a lecture on Wednesday Bobbie Louise Hawkins said that for a writer to hear I liked you story ? means almost nothing because the social connection only exists in the readers experience. The reader has an experience of sharing something with the writer, while the writer knows he was and is alone. But for a writer I believed your story ? is the best response because it means that the social experience is shared.
Only two other people have read the story and given me feedback. Both responses were positive. The zoetrope review I got included several helpful suggestions.
I also shared the story with my partner. She gave me the kind of response Bobbie was talking about. She oohhed and awed at all the right parts and when I got to the end she said, That is a f&ck%d up story! ?

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