Tio Jason gives Udella her first motorcycle ride

The past couple of weeks Doris’ family has been visiting. Her sister and niece were here for a week. Her mother was her for ten days. It was great to have them. And I got to take each of them out on the motorcycle.

Udella is eight years old. This was her first time on a motorcycle.

I went on my first motorcycle ride when I was three years old. My father and uncle wielded foot-pegs onto the frame of a Kawasaki so my feet would reach. I rode with my father from Evansville, Indiana to Lexington, Kentucky. (That’s about 200 miles!)

Udella’s first ride was a little shorter than that. We went to the comic book store and got a copy of Wonder Woman and HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi. Then we stopped off at the coffee shop for hot chocolate.

Good times.

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